English Inside Out is a small but committed British/Italian organisation with an experience delivering English learning in a new way.



Maria Antonietta Varverakis Mullens


Dr. Maria Antonietta Varverakis has studied in England, Italy and France.


Maria Antonietta has a Doctorate in Comparative Literature (summa cum laude) and Trinity CertTESOL. Her particular interest is in linguistic studies and has researched and applied different learning methodologies to the English language in different cultural environments.


Maria Antonietta has taught a wide variety of academic subjects in international establishments including lecturing at the Italian Cultural Institute in London.

At last count she had 11 cats.


David Mullens


David has decades of experience working in international businesses, the highlight of which was as Country Manager and senior executive at a $15bn NYSE listed IT Services corporation, responsible for 700 staff and a $70m new business budget.


Having seen proficient speakers of English making bad cultural errors, his specialisations are 1. in finding the correct behaviours to prevent obstacles to understanding, that even good speakers of English may not know, and 2. how large companies behave - management culture, recruitment processes and international sales.

David refuses to have 11 cats.

Mark Mullens

Mark is Cambridge CELTA qualified, with a wide interest in languages and a particular interest in pronunciation. Prior to studying Languages and Computer Science at the University of Essex. 

Mark is completely bi-lingual English-Italian, with some knowledge of Spanish and French and is currently learning Polish.